An expert consulting-engineering company specialising in geothermal energy and other renewable energy resources. A pioneer in geothermal applications of low and very low enthalpy in Spain, industry-leading innovative projects with high-energy efficiency and sustainability. In WP4 Geoter will analyse the most effective mortars and polymers to increase the ground conductivity and elements to monitor the underground temperature.

Selecting the proper elements to monitor the underground temperature and the communication and connection systems enable us to know the evolution with time of the geothermal resources, according to the demand of the building. All this data will be implemented and finally validated in MPC in WP6. 


MSc Civil Engineer by ETSICCP of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Specialising in Hydraulics and Energy. Manager of Audits and R+D for Geothermal Energy Company SL., responsible for planning and implementing projects and engineering studies of HVAC through geothermal and other renewable energies in residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings. Project Manager and participation in different Spanish R+D projects (GREENMAR, REACT, ENERGYSIS and REHABILITA-GEOSOL). Expert in coordination and planning energy audits. Professor in ERMA Master Programme at Polytechnic University of Madrid and in RERU Master Programme at Polytechnic University of Valencia. National and international experience (Spain, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina).


Fernando is an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas - ICAI, Madrid (Spain). He is responsible for the Production Department of Geothermal Energy SL. He has participated in the implementation of HVAC projects using geothermal energy in hotels, commercial centres and different houses. Fernando is responsible for overall coordination and supervision of Engineering / Suppliers & Installers Member of Smart Energy in Capable Logistian 2015 (CL15) in Szekesfehervar, Hungary - NATO Emerging Security Challenge Division. Fernando is as well professor in the Polytechnic University of Madrid and is member of the monitoring committee in GREENMAR project (Geothermal and Renewable Energy in Modular Architecture Sytem).