A competence cluster comprising 4 universities and 15 SMEs as full members, and about 20 other entities as cooperating members. Its scope is in energy savings in general, and it provides research services for general purpose saving means, such as control systems, new materials, ICT support systems etc. It is the leader of WP5 People planet profit validation.

EK is also strongly involved in WP3 - Task 3.5 and 3.6 where it is working on the MPC formulation for robust control and the implementation of the MPC algorithm. In WP6 – Task 6.9, it is responsible for a detailed business model. It is also providing technical background for the demo cases in WP4 and organizing national and pan-European conferences/ workshops/ seminars (subtask of WP7 –Task 7.2).


Lukáš Ferkl is the associate professor and director of University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings UCEEB – CTU Prague, and is responsible for R&D management of Energoklastr. He is also a co-founder of Feramat Cybernetics, a spin-off company of CTU. His skills include control systems, advanced control and modelling. 


Senior researcher of Energoklastr with focus on data analytics, mathematical modelling, numerical optimization, building and HVAC physics and model predictive control. Jiří has been continuously focusing on TABS systems since 2009 during his PhD studies and also during post-doc – both at Czech Technical University in Prague. His team successfully implemented model predictive controller on several (GEO) TABS buildings. In this project, Jiří’s team at Energoklastr focuses on the holistic approach for control of the overall system, i.e. optimization both energy production AND energy emission at the building.