An independent design and consultancy company focussing on energy and technology in buildings, working closely together with architects, structural engineers, investors and contractors on their projects. BOY conceptualises, designs, follows up construction and hands over MEP installations in buildings and sites. BOY’s portfolio covers a wide range of building typologies, and different scale, often with high architectural quality. BOY is responsible for WP2: Development of a dedicated hybrid MPC-GEOTABS Design strategy and leading the tasks 2.2: Building stock analysis and 2.5: Development of sizing tools for the feasibility study and pre-design stage.

BOY is also intensively involved in WP4: Concept and impact validation, and leads task 4.1: Finalisation of the choice of demonstration cases and case studies. It also has a focus on adding high experience to WP7: dissemination, and WP5: people planet profit validation, and developing the detailed business plan in WP6. 


Wim Boydens is a MSc graduate in Building Construction Engineering (1990) from Leuven University (KU Leuven) and currently CSTO & co-owner of Studiebureau Boydens (since 1994).  He is visiting Professor in the field of technical installations design in buildings for the Masters in Architectural Engineering at Ghent University, since 1999.  As visiting Professor he has been supervisor and/or jury-member of several Masters and PhD thesis defences, with approx. 70 Bachelor and 45 Masters students in Architectural Engineering each year.  The main focus of subjects are GEOTABS related.  He is board member of IBPSA NVL, of the European heat pump association (EHPA), of ODE ( sustainable energy organization Flanders) and co-president of the Flanders Heat Pump Platform. Wim is also founding member of ESP (Energy Saving Pioneers).  He has been a keynote speaker in several conferences for engineers and decision makers in the industry.  He is a member of the advisory board of several educational programmes in Flemish universities (University of Antwerp, KU Leuven), along with product development and future outlook panels of large industries in Europe (Daikin, Calleffi). During his career of 25 years in Boydens Engineering practice, Wim has been involved in all departments, and leads the conceptual and innovative input into projects.