Solarwind is at the forefront of sustainable construction in Luxembourg, achieving triple environmental certification.

The building envelope, solar orientation, materials and triple glazing were designed for energy efficiency. Heating and cooling is delivered via concrete core activation, coupled with heat pumps in the winter and passive cooling in the summer, optimising energy use and reducing maintenance costs. It is well ventilated (ID2), utilizing a dual heat exchanger and adiabatic cooling. The ventilation flows adapt automatically with air quality sensors that monitor the occupancy flow of the building. Other renewable energy sources used include urban wind turbines, solar photovoltaic & thermal, and biomass wood pellets for hot water production. Other features include rainwater harvesting for adiabatic cooling and toilet flushing, motion detectors and brightness sensors for lighting, a green roof facade and a ‘zero bin concept’.


The Datasheet for Solarwind can be downloaded here


Building location:

Luxembourg, LU

Building type:

Offices, with integrated restaurant and children day care

Completion date:

August 2012


BREEAM (very good), HQE (exceptional), DGNB (gold) and passive

Conditioned floor area:

10,000 m² (area that is heated and or cooled)



Hybrid thermal supply consisting of solely RES technologies


Main – TABS and chilled ceiling (5%) Secondary – heating coils behind VAVsOther – floor heating (minimal) and radiators (minimal)


Main – TABS and chilled ceiling (5%)