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KU Leuven's new hybridGEO campus building

KU Leuven's new hybridGEO campus building KU Leuven has been chosen for a hybridGEO concept in the new aula Quadrivium that opened its doors on their University Campus at the start of this academic year. Wim Boydens (Boydens Engineering – responsible for the design) and Lieve Helsen (Professor of Thermal Systems at KU Leuven), both partners in the EU-H2020-hybridGEOTABS project explain the concept and its strengths in a short movie.

The film was recorded by the companies IF-Tech and Van Roey to launch a campaign on geothermal systems for sustainable heating and cooling of buildings. It is in Dutch (we have Dutch-speaking partners and viewers), and the video provides a good description of the systems in use.

See more at IF-TECH's website




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