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Here's our hybridGEOTABS June 2019 Newsletter

Focusing on How to DESIGN hybridGEOTABS Buildings, updates on our Training Course, Workshops, Publications, Blogs and much more...

The hybridGEOTABS project was born after a simple realisation that (hybrid)GEOTABS, although based on proven technology and one of the most energy efficient building solutions available on the market, was unfortunately seldom implemented in practice - and more specifically - did not go very far in the race against other more traditional fossil fuel based technologies during early design.
We believe that the main reason behind this is due to the high level of system integration required, which can be a significant challenge for HVAC designers and architects during the early design phases. After reviewing the existing methodologies available, it became clear that one major hurdle is the lack of available design sizing guidance and user-friendly tools that all HVAC designers usually rely on to get started with a design. Since, if you combine GEOTABS with a secondary heating and cooling system, what is then an optimal sizing for the both systems? Therefore, the hybridGEOTABS project team is developing a reliable and user-friendly tool for the feasibility study and pre-design of hybridGEOTABS buildings...