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Geoter is executing a new GEOTABS project in Spain

This building is located in Burgo de Ebro (Zaragoza, Spain) and the customer is one of the major paper manufacturers in Europe. This project is the second GEOTABS building in Spain and will contain offices, laboratories and meeting rooms. Heating and cooling will be provided by a geothermal heat pump installation connected to a ground-source heat-exchange of vertical boreholes. It will achieve LEED certification.

The building will be equipped with a simultaneous hot and cold-water production system. The HVAC system will be compounded by a natural refrigerant R-1234ze geothermal heat pump (heating and cooling), a natural refrigerant propane aerothermal heat pump (hot water production) and an adiabatic cooling unit (support cooling). Since the cooling load due to the laboratories is much greater than the heating load, a support system, adiabatic cooler, is available to dissipate any excess heat that the geothermal well cannot absorb. Heating and active cooling of the building will occur via concrete core activation, fan-coils and chilled beams coupled with heat pumps.

At the moment, GEOTER has completed the execution of the entire borefield, consisting of 12 boreholes with a depth of 150 metres each. A double 4x32 mm pex-a geothermal probe was installed in each borehole, filled with 2,1 W/m.K high conductivity mortar.

Furthermore, GEOTER has completed the first thermoactivated concrete slab, a total of 1,800 m2 conditioned in a 2,000 m2 of total floor. Building will have a total of four floors and a total of 5,400 m2 conditioned.

Engineers, technical and installation staff of GEOTER are managing and executing this project.