Controlling the power of the ground by integration


Geothermal energy is limitless, ubiquitous and free at the point of use. When combined with the very high energy efficiency of TABS and application range of hybrid systems, it offers huge potential to meet heating and cooling needs in Europe, and reduce CO₂ emissions.

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CO₂ Emissions


An innovative clean technology for energy efficient and healthy buildings is the combination of thermally activated building system (TABS), a ground heat exchanger and heat pump in between both systems (GEOTABS).

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  Designing hybridGEOTABS Comfort supplied in a sustainable way! 17th December 10.00 - 12.45 CET Webinar description hybridGEOTABS refers to the efficient integration of the combination of GEOTABS (GEOthermal heat pumps with Thermally Activated Building Systems) and secondary heating and cooling systems in buildings, controlled using model predictive controls (MPC). This technology offers huge potential to meet heating and cooling needs throughout Europe in a sustainable way, while providing a very comfortable conditioning of the indoor space. This training introduces the hybridGEOTABS concept and its main benefits and challenges, providing insights into the technical principles underlying the concept and the design. The performance and feasibility of hybridGEOTABS are influenced by the design of the building, and the optimal sizing of the hybrid systems is an interesting design question. To support designers in the earliest stages of the design, a new design method is developed and its outcomes are made available via tools. The training provides general design guidelines, and an introduction to the tools and their background. Finally, the control of hybridGEOTABS buildings using model predictive controls is introduced, and what are important aspects to consider during the HVAC-design. Audience The training is targeting building and/or HVAC-designers (architects, HVAC-engineers), architecture and engineering students.  Modules The hybridGEOTABS concept unravelled (30 mins) hybridGEOTABS design principles (50 mins) Tools for feasibility study and pre-design (40 mins) MPC for HVAC-engineers (20 mins) Conclusions / Q&A (25 mins) Speakers Prof. Wim Boydens, Boydens Engineering Prof. Jelle Laverge, Ghent University Dr. Eline Himpe, Ghent University Dr. Damien Picard, KU Leuven Duration 2 hours 45 mins Register and find out more here:

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